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Do you want to learn more about Community Land Trusts? Here are some recommended resources.

Community Land Trusts have a long and interesting history, and the growth of CLT’s in recent years is exciting. There are many resources in your library and online, here are some we recommend for those who want to dig into the details.



Grounded Solutions Network

Grounded Solutions Network is a trusted leader in the national movement for homes with lasting affordability. Find the latest news about their work building strong communities from the ground up. They provide educational and legislative support for Community Land Trusts and other affordable housing efforts.

Grounded Solutions Website

City of Oberlin Housing Study

City of Oberlin Housing Market Study inspired us to research CLT's as a way to address the inequalities and housing issues identified in this study.

Oberlin Housing Market Study


YouTube has many resources. We created a public playlist “Community Land Trusts” by Krista Long or copy and paste this link.

CLT's YouTube Playlist

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