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What is happening at Oberlin Community Land Trust? Read the latest News/Events and how we are building Oberlin neighborhoods.

We are delighted to announce the sale of our first home to Lavonda Smith and her family. Below are pictures before/after move-in day.

Lavonda and family in front of their new home
Lavonda and family

Lavonda and her family are truly home!

We know that Lavonda and her family will bring new life to her home, her neighborhood, and our community. She has waited a long time for her dream to come true, to be able to own her own home in her home town.

Lavonda and her family are truly home!

As we signed the final loan and lease documents, the smiles and laughter abounded.

Remodeling the house

It was a long time coming from our purchase of 98 E. Vine St at auction in June 2021. We completely remodeled the house, adding sustainability features throughout and bringing fresh life to wonderful home. Along the way, we built relationships with partners needed to carry on our work and learned a lot about how to put the Land Trust model into action. We are excited as our next projects come into sight. More on that soon!

Originally owned by Gigi Jones, Oberlin businesswoman and one of the first Black barbers in Ohio, 98 E. Vine was well known in our community. Jones gave a helping hand to many, sharing her home when needed and her friendship to all.

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