Born as a brain child of life-long and long-time Oberlin residents, the Oberlin Community Land Trust is dedicating to creating affordable housing as a key to improving the economy, environment, and quality of life in Lorain County.


We believe that home ownership is the most effective tool to build wealth for most people. It is one that must be made accessible to more people if we hope to increase the financial security of our neighborhoods and communities.

As a result, we promote models that create strong, lasting communities. When communities are inclusive, all people have access to safe places to live. They are empowered to shape their neighborhoods into places with opportunities for everyone to thrive. However, our communities are deeply divided between those who have access to opportunity and those who do not. We promote models that break down inequity and give hardworking families a chance. Communities that are integrated and equitable are healthier and more sustainable for everyone. Effectively, we prioritize housing solutions that will be affordable for the longterm. It's not enough to just create housing. The CLT will preserve affordability and safeguard the public investment for generations to come.

We know that building community isn't just about more money locally. It's about the power that comes from building lasting relationships based on reciprocity. We will foster relationships between residents, local governments, and existing communities.

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